Meet Sprig.

A whole new way to spruce up your rig.

Sprig is a minimalist cable management device for filmmakers.
By design, it anchors into ¼”-20 threaded holes for a quick and secure hold.

Sprig makes it more convenient to organize cables along the surfaces of your cinema equipment. Its patent pending design features a flexible thread for a lightning quick install that keeps you on pace with even the most blistering schedules.

And because Sprig models the functionality of a ¼"-20 screw, a twist of the wrist is all it takes to achieve a snug fit or loosen to remove. In a hurry? Go ahead and release with a firm tug. The tough and flexible Sprig can handle it.

Sprig is injection molded from a strong and flexible material to create a cable hook that survives on set and won't crack under pressure.

Sprig Holder

Keep your stash within reach while reconfiguring in the field with the Sprig Holder – available with the Sprig Launch Kit.

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More to Come

News Alerts

Sprig is available in black but additional choices are on the horizon, as well as a ⅜"-16 sized Big Sprig.

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